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Founded in 1982

Exotic Foods has been established for over 40 years. We offer a small, but unique range of fine foods for the adventurous and discerning customer.

Suffolk Based

Exotic Foods is based in the heart of rural Suffolk, United Kingdom. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is situated in Needham Market.

Natural Ingredients

We are proud of our reputation for the use of finest quality natural ingredients without the unnecessary use of artificial flavourings, preservatives or colouring.

Our Featured Products

Traditional Recipes

Made By Exotic Foods

Exotic Foods is a long-established local company specialising in hot chilli sauces and Ghanaian corn dough. Our products are made according to traditional recipes and incorporate natural ingredients, combined with modern manufacturing processes. To ensure we maintain the highest quality, we source all our ingredients from reputable suppliers.

Our range of hot chilli sauces offers something for every taste bud, and our traditional Ghanaian corn dough is used across the country to create many unique and flavourful dishes.

Why not visit the Exotic Foods online shop where you can buy chilli sauce and Ghanaian corn dough in just a few clicks.

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